Wednesday, November 05, 2008

slender threads and things to treasure

1. I am thankful for a job that pays the bills and doesn't require steel-toed shoes. Also, I'm glad that I can't see the ceiling pipes in my office because seeing them kind of creeps me out.
2. I am thankful for hope and for the ability to change the things I don't like about myself and my situation.
3. Somebody and I drive to work separately and our combined commuting mileage each day is right about 160 miles. We spend a combined total of four hours each day in the car driving to and from work. Paying for gas takes a huge chunk of our income and is the biggest section of our budget. Today I am grateful that for signs like this at every gas station in town:
This is a season for giving and a time for gratitude.
Gordon B. Hinckley, "A Season for Gratitude," Ensign, Dec 1997

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