Tuesday, April 26, 2011

reasons to celebrate

Remember back when I had that one baby? This one?
Well, guess who just turned two?
Gulliver is the most enchanting baby, now toddler, that I can imagine. I can't believe how much "little boy" he is--his days are filled with climbing, throwing, chasing, riding, running, sliding, and pretty much non-stop action.
Gulliver loves books, puzzles, cars, and shape matching games. He is delighted with bubbles, balloons, and things that light up. His favorite shows are Kipper the Dog (oh, how he loves Kipper) and Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. I am planning on another summer outside at the park and the swimming pool because this kid hates staying inside.
I've learned to identify all the construction vehicles we see along the road so that I can point them out to him. Did you wonder whether that digger had a track hoe or a back hoe? Because I can tell you. He identifies all the animals you can think of and makes their sounds. He is very persistently verbal--he will repeat something over and over and over and over and over until I acknowledge what he is saying and either agree with him or correct him.
There are very few words he doesn't know or at least attempt to pronounce. I realize I am biased, but I think that he speaks very clearly. Some words that I love his mispronunciation of are Grandpa (PopPa), pacifier (vaver), strawberry (bob berry), elephant (eh-fan), toys (foys), vacuum (roger), and Easter (e-chair). Last night Somebody was holding Hiccup, and Hiccup was making typical baby noises (grunt grunt gurgle coo), and Somebody said to Gulliver, "What is Hiccup saying?" Gulliver responded by very accurately mimicking the exact baby noises, "Grunt grunt gurgle coo." He cracks us up.
I can't believe that two years have passed. I am just thrilled (and more than a little proud) of the funny, kind, and smart person that Gulliver is. Happy Birthday, Baby.

And then I went and had that other baby? This one?
We call him Hiccup. He is now five months old (five months!) and had his first solid food tonight.He seemed a little reluctant at first, but quickly decided that food was something he liked. No surprise there.