Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i can sense a resting place

1. I am grateful for friends who come to visit and remind me of my fun and care-free college days. We reminisce and laugh and share and all is right with the world. Thanks, Partner.
2. I am grateful for new friends that I feel comfortable with so that when we arrive at their house I can say, "Can we have something to drink? And can I use your bathroom? Oh, you have a story to tell? How about you tell that after I use the bathroom." And they are just fine with my abrupt randomness.
3. I am grateful for the laughter of little children. I saw the children of two of my good friends tonight and in both homes there was much laughter and silliness.

"The grateful man sees so much in the world to be thankful for, and with him the good outweighs the evil. Love overpowers jealousy, and light drives darkness out of his life. Pride destroys our gratitude and sets up selfishness in its place. How much happier we are in the presence of a grateful and loving soul, and how careful we should be to cultivate, through the medium of a prayerful life, a thankful attitude toward God and man!"
-President Joseph F. Smith, Gospel Doctrine, 5th ed. [1939]


Miss L said...

We love you, too!!!!

Bart said...

I love friends like that, too. We have several in our ward and we're uber sad to leave them next year. UBER!

How are you enjoying your pacific blue Rav4, btw?