Wednesday, November 19, 2008

like a pinprick to my heart

1. I am grateful for my mother. It's her birthday today and I hope it is wonderful for her. As the years go by I see so much of my mother in me and am happy that she passed along not only physical traits (although I really didn't get any of those—they all went to my lucky sisters) but her fun personality as well. Happy Birthday, Mom. My Mom. Rocking Motherhood since 1973.
2. I am grateful for the yummy smell of clean laundry.
3. I am grateful that Somebody is finally getting over his cold so that he will allow me to come within three feet of him.

"A happy home is but an earlier heaven. President George Albert Smith asked, 'Do we want our homes to be happy? If we do, let them be the abiding place of prayer, thanksgiving and gratitude' (in Conference Report, Apr. 1944, p. 32)."
-Thomas S. Monson, "Precious Children--A Gift from God," Ensign, Nov. 1991

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Miss L said...

I love those pictures of your mom!!! I can totally see the family resemblance.