Sunday, November 23, 2008

may we sleep and wake in joy

1. I am grateful for Somebody, who is celebrating his birthday today by helping my niece with her homework and helping my dad puree pumpkin.
2. I am grateful for the variety of card/board games that my family has accumulated over the years and for a family that loves to play games together.
3. I am grateful that Somebody knows my food preferences enough that when he is looking through cookbooks or food magazines he can identify recipes that I will like and point them out to me.

"Thus, my brothers and sisters, there is so much to be grateful for. I give my thanks to our Heavenly Father and to all of you. This is a time when we ponder our blessings and when we also prepare for the new year, for which we should make new resolves and set new personal goals. This partial inventory of our collective blessings should help us to be ever more grateful and ever more determined. Please do the same within your families. Count your blessings, and express your gratitude to your eternal partners, to your children, and to your parents for all that they do."
-Spencer W. Kimball, "A Gift of Gratitude," Liahona, Dec 1977

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