Wednesday, October 21, 2009

here is my stem and there is the ground

Gulliver and I joined our ward playgroup for a trip to the local pumpkin patch this morning. The weather bordered on chilly, but at least the rain didn't start falling until we were in the car and pulling out of the parking lot. Literally. Gulliver got his first experience crawling and playing in dirt and straw (is that some rite of passage or something?) and I got my first experience getting my hands all dirty ripping my perfect pumpkin off the vine and then being sad that I didn't have anything to clean my hands with and then realizing that I carry 89 wipes around with me at all times. Only I realized that part about the wipes about 15 minutes AFTER I wiped the dirt off on my tank top (you know, because my shirt was covering it up and the dirt wouldn't show. I know. I'm a genius.) Meh. It was still a great way to spend this morning.

That's my perfect pumpkin there on the left--the one Gulliver is pulling the vine from. Most of its perfectness was the fact that it had a stem and could be carried easily in one hand. My standards for pumpkins are fairly low.