Thursday, November 13, 2008

the bearer of unconditional things

Nov 13
1. I am thankful that my real life involves a lot less drama, a lot less bizarreness, a lot less scariness, and a lot fewer criminals than my dreams.
2. I am thankful for rooms that have been recently cleaned and look organized and welcoming.
3. I am thankful that sometimes when I ask Somebody his plans and he says, “do homework” and I say, “oh, well my plans involved a lot more vacuuming and movie watching” that sometimes he gives in to my plans (and somehow still does well in school.)

“Think to thank. In these three words is the finest capsule course for a happy marriage, a formula for enduring friendship, and a pattern for personal happiness.”-Thomas S. Monson, Pathways to Perfection [1973], 254

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Miss L said...

You are living up to your name, Miss Cryptic Jennifer. Just have to say, these times call for crazy dreams. But yours sound REALLY out there. And so, like any good Gladys Kravitz, I'm curious. Just thought I'd let you know. :)