Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's a strange way to show it

1. I am grateful that my mom and I can play Christmas duets on the piano. We may be only in the beginner book, but we have such fun playing together.
2. I am grateful for priesthood leaders who listen to my complaints and frustrations and do their best to make the situation right.
3. I am grateful for family game nights where there is a lot of laughter and no competition.

"It seems as though there is a tug-of-war between opposing character traits that leaves no voids in our souls. As gratitude is absent or disappears, rebellion often enters and fills the vacuum. I do not speak of rebellion against civil oppression. I refer to rebellion against moral cleanliness, beauty, decency, honesty, reverence, and respect for parental authority. A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being."
-James E. Faust, "Gratitude As a Saving Principle," Ensign, May 1990

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