Friday, November 05, 2010

the sinks were really nice

1. I am grateful that I live near my parents and that I trust them both completely with the care of my child. I know it is rare to live so close to parents, and we probably won't be able to enjoy this blessing for many more years, but I am so thrilled with the relationship that Gulliver has with his grandparents that it makes me want to stay near them forever. He loves to see them and spend time with them and I know that his life is richer with them in it.

2. I am grateful for sweet potato fries and that at least one restaurant in town had them on the menu when I was craving them.

3. I am grateful for those moments with friends when you learn something new about them (when you thought you already knew lots about them) and it makes you think, "I KNEW we were similar. I KNEW we had a lot in common. I KNEW I liked you. But I like you even more now."

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Miss L said...

bahahahah. I read this and it took me a second before I realized what the title refered to. Yes. Yes, they really were very nice. :) I'm so glad we are friends!!!!!