Wednesday, November 10, 2010

down to single digits

1. I am grateful that the weather has stayed relatively warm and that we have been able to spend some time outside each day this week.

2. I am grateful that Somebody has taken over the dish washing chore last week and this week. And hopefully for the next month or so. Washing dishes is pretty high up there on the list of chores that I really dislike (right after taking out the garbage and washing floors) but it is one that typically falls to me to do because Somebody already has the evening duties of getting Gulliver ready for bed. Somebody has been a good sport about finishing the "putting the baby to bed" chore and then going right into dish washing even though all I've been doing is sitting on the couch. Oh, and growing the baby. But my point is that I am SO grateful that Somebody never makes me feel like I'm not doing my fair share and has just started doing more to cover the areas where I am doing less.

3. I am grateful for a reliable Internet connection.

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