Monday, November 15, 2010

brought to you by neighbors with sesame oil

1. I am grateful for the moment of relief when I actually do something that I have been dreading doing. It makes me wonder why I sometimes procrastinate things so long and live with the guilt of the unfinished assignment, because the relief of just getting it done is so sweet. I could have been guilt free for weeks! I could have moved on and put this thing behind me! But no, I dragged my feet and stalled and whined. I made excuses. I made myself busy with other "very important things." But tonight I just sat down and didn't let myself have even one more cookie until I did the things I had committed to TWO MONTHS ago. And it only took me an hour and a half. And a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Man, this is a good moment.

2. I am grateful that this afternoon was the perfect weather for a long walk around the neighborhood. I'm kind of dreading the next three months of cold temperatures and icy roads when the sun will not shine and it will be too cold to play and so we'll sit in the house all those cold, cold, wet days. I am grateful we had an unscheduled afternoon and were able to enjoy what might be our last hurrah of fall.

3. I am grateful for go-to recipes that the whole family will eat and that come together with less than 20 minutes of kitchen time. Are you looking for one for tomorrow? Here you go.

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