Monday, November 22, 2010

look away. i'm hideous.

1. I am glad that Somebody and I were able to make very last-minute plans to rush out and see the Harry Potter movie. Other bonuses: my dad agreed to watch Gulliver, the huge theater had only 20 other people there so we had great seats, my pack-along and eat in the car meal of pizza twists worked great, I didn't have to leave the movie to go to the bathroom, AND I got to spend two and a half hours holding my husband's hand. It was a great night.

2. I am grateful that the new baby who doesn't want to be born yet is at least very healthy. And maybe if he wants to go even a few more days of not being born then I'll get to spend Thanksgiving with my family instead of in the hospital.

3. I am grateful for my home teacher, especially when he brings his lovely wife and children over to visit with him and we get to laugh, share a spiritual message, and get to know each other better. Love it.

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