Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just a spoonful of sugar

1. I am grateful for blankets for warmth and tissues for wiping and a not-so-small baby to snuggle while I wipe a gucky little nose and hold a tiny little hand and hope that no one else in this family catches his cold.

2. I am grateful that I get to be here to see the little developmental growths in Gulliver. For example, just now he was trying to fit two pieces of toy together that didn't match--he was trying to match a blue piece and a purple piece. Across the room were other pieces in a variety of colors and I pointed to them and said, "You need to get a blue piece. Go over there and get more. Get a blue piece." And he walked over and picked up a blue piece and brought it to me! Coincidence? I kind of think not. He is getting so good at understanding my directions and actually doing most of the things I ask (as long as they don't involve the words diaper, nap, no, and DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON!). It is delightful to watch him grow and learn and discover new things.

3. I am grateful (at least I'm trying really, really hard to be) for each additional day I have without a new baby so that I can continue on with cleaning the house, finishing projects, cooking meals, watching movies with Somebody, playing and reading with Gulliver, and as much as possible trying not to focus on the fact that I can't control the moment when everything is going to change.

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