Saturday, November 27, 2010

ask, and ye shall receive

1. I am grateful for my doctor. She wasn't on call this weekend but she knew that it mattered to me to have her there to deliver the baby. And so she came in. She has been nothing but supportive and encouraging and I hope we stay here long enough that she can deliver all the babies we choose to have.
2. I am grateful that Gulliver's first meeting with Baby this morning went really well. He was thrilled to see me again (of course!) but then was actually very excited to see Baby. One of the first things he did was offer to share his blanket, which, if you know how much Gulliver LOVES his blanket, is kind of a big deal and a very sweet gesture. Then he wanted to touch Baby's face and give kisses. I kind of expected him to start poking Baby's eyes out, but he was soft and gentle and seemed just fine with having a baby around.
3. I am grateful that so many family and friends took time to come and visit us in the hospital (or call, email, text, etc.) I felt very loved and taken care of.

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