Tuesday, November 23, 2010

seriously does not want a surprise party

1. I am grateful for Somebody. Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Hunny! I love you! He doesn't want a surprise party. Or cake. Or really acknowledgement of any kind. But I am so thrilled that he was born that I have a hard time not wanting to celebrate. (Note to new baby: Dad said he would happily share his birthday with you. Come on out, now.)

2. I am grateful that Gulliver (and Somebody) have a natural body temperature noticeably higher than mine so that sitting next to either one of them on cold days is like sitting with a heating pad. Tis awesome. I don't love this so much in the summer, so it's a good thing this gratitude list happens when the weather is chilly.

3. I am grateful for my friend Janssen's suggestion to use the junk mail paper with blank back sides as junk printing paper for maps and coupons and other throw-away type things. I LOVE not wasting my good paper on things that I'm not going to keep.

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