Wednesday, November 25, 2009

slide down my rainbow

1. I am grateful that Gulliver slept just long enough for me to make both of the pies for Thanksgiving, plus a little hand pie with the dough fragments for lunch, plus do the dishes, plus clean the kitchen, plus eat lunch, plus check my email. Now THAT is a good nap. And those are going to be good pies.

2. I am grateful for my current life circumstances. My home is safe and clean and has plenty of space for our needs. Somebody has a stable job that provides enough income to pay our bills. We are all healthy. Somebody and I have both been blessed with opportunities for higher education. We are mentally stable (Somebody might say that my mental stability is at times unstable, but in general the lights are all on over here.) I have a remarkably supportive family who would catch us if we started to fall. We feel secure and loved. I have been blessed beyond measure.

3. I am grateful that Somebody has confidence that I can do whatever I want--decorate cookies, sew quilts, make pies, design onesies--and that people would be willing to pay me because my talent is so magnificent. I'm not usually as confident in my abilities, but I appreciate that he always encourages me toward whatever hobby has my interest.

"And though I ebb in worth, I'll flow in thanks." -John Taylor


Wendy said...

I've enjoyed reading your three thanks a day entries this month!

Anonymous said...

You did the dishes?!

Karla said...

While waiting for Somebody to come along he perfected himself.
You are designing a onesie? Did I spell that right? I hate how I can't go back and check without losing what I have typed already.