Monday, November 23, 2009

i may eat my words

1. Today is Somebody's birthday and he celebrated by taking the day off of work and spending it at home with us. Well, we weren't home all day because he wanted to do some shopping, but at least we got to spend the day together. The weather was beautiful and we were able to enjoy being outside for a little bit. This evening we met my mom for dinner and ate our fill (and more!) of crab and shrimp and calamari. And if that wasn't enough--because it kind of wasn't--we were able to finish the night with homemade cheesecake from my mom. It was a relaxing, fun, calm, perfect day. I am thankful for every minute of it.

2. I am grateful for the Google Latitude program that allowed us to track the progress of my dad, brother, niece, and nephew as they drove from Kansas to Utah last night. It was fun always knowing where they were along that long route. It was also reassuring to know that as long as their tracking dot kept moving that they were alive and well. I did consider that perhaps they had been ambushed and the phone with the tracking device had been stolen and I was watching the progress of the thieves as they made their get-away, but it turns out that was not the case at all and for that I am grateful.

3. I am grateful that as Somebody and I plan the finished touches of putting our home together that we have very similar taste and ideas and rarely disagree about what would be the best thing to do with the space. Thinking so similarly makes the process much more enjoyable.

"A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues." -Cicero

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Karla said...

I also watched that dot move across the screen and wondered how they managed to be 20 mintues from their destination when the dot said they were still in Laramie! Turns out the dot doesn't always move like it is supposed to and can surprise the one who is planning on more time - so she can shower, get dressed and put some make-up on before the company arrives.
Consider yourself very lucky that you both have the same decorating tastes and that Somebody is willing to let money be spent on decorating.