Thursday, January 31, 2008

to judge it's ripeness

Somebody and I agree on many things, but the perfect ripeness of a banana is not one of them. While we both appreciate the health benefits of a good banana, we have very different ideas about when a banana is good and ready to be eaten.

I say it should be eaten as soon as possible, preferably while it is still a little green. I appreciate the firmness because, well, I’m not all that fond of the texture of bananas, and get a little creeped out when they get mushy, and have even asked my four-year-old nephew to peel them for me because I can’t stand the thought of putting pressure on the any part of the banana for fear brownish mush patches will touch my hands. Not crazy. Somebody thinks they are perfect just shy of bread-worthy, and reminds me often that all the best nutrients of bananas are in their brownness. Sometimes I take an overripe banana just to please him. Hence, the banana of today. He thinks it isn’t quite ripe enough. I think it’s so ripe that I kind of want to throw it away and not tell him. But I shall eat it. But someone else is going to have to peel it.

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Janssen said...

Ugh, I'm so with you. That banana is WAY too ripe to eat. I like them pretty green and a little crunchy.