Tuesday, January 08, 2008

enough with the change

We have been paying more attention to the election this year than I normally do. Maybe it’s because we listen to NPR on our way to and from work. Or maybe because we have friends who are very politically active (and actually went to Iowa to campaign for their favorite candidate) and like to talk about what is going on. Or maybe because it’s just about the only news currently and so everyone is talking about it. Or maybe because we aren’t in Utah, where there is only one opinion that can be right so you don’t really hear supporters of all the candidates, both Democrat and Republican, argue the merits of their party and their candidate. Or maybe because we just don’t have anything else to do.

Anyway, we’re keeping up to date on the goings on, and we find out vote is still undecided. Well, okay, my vote. Somebody doesn’t have voting privileges, but he still has opinions. He is more open-minded. I’m more biased. I’m more narrow-minded. I have strong feelings of dislike and lack of trust about some, and think that others are kind of a joke, and wish that others were doing a little better. But what can I do, really? Vote, I guess. And I will.

It’s probably going to be a long, political year.

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chloe elizabeth said...

So...are you going to say who you are voting for?