Monday, January 28, 2008

to guide us in these latter days

I received the news via text message and then raced to the computer to find additional details. Of course the Utah media pages were swamped so it was difficult to connect. We were finally able to get one page to load. (Channel 2 news, are you not as popular as the rest? Weird, because you were always my news channel of choice.) It just doesn’t seem real. And I’m a little surprised at how emotional my response has been. As we went to bed last night, teary and somber, I realized that my thoughts were almost entirely on how happy he must be to be with his beloved wife again, and I found my comfort in the strength of my testimony of eternal families and that our dearest relationships in this life will continue in the next. So today, a moment of silence. For a life well lived. For a conviction that was steadfast and immovable. For a sense of humor and optimism that inspired. For a love that 13 million people felt and savored. For a voice that guided and reassured. For a prophet who lived what he believed and made it a little easier for us to live our beliefs as well.

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sarah said...

Have you watched the Glenn Beck thing? I don't even watch Glenn Beck but I cried when I watched it.