Thursday, January 24, 2008


We went back to the Chinese place, but this time it was because at some point during the day I got a craving for egg rolls. Weird. I don't even like egg rolls. But I had one, you know, because of the craving. When we pulled into the parking lot it was almost completely packed and we were a little worried that the restaurant would be packed, too. Had everyone heard about their great donuts? Their fantastic steamed buns? Their delicious peanut chicken, which, I'm sorry, is just the most delicious poultry ever? Stealing ourselves for a crowd, we walked in only to find the place, once again, completely empty. "Would you like this table?" the waitress asked. "Same one as last time?" What the? She remembered us? They must not get that much business. People are so missing out.
Later we realized that the crowd in the parking lot was for the bar next door. Huh. All you can eat buffet, or $4/glass beverages? Kansas is so different from Utah.


chloe elizabeth said...

Oh, how we miss you...but how nice it would be to not have a line at a restaurant. I can't even fathom it.

housewife said...

Ha! So how does this one compare to the Fortune??