Sunday, January 13, 2008

to celebrate the chard's engagement

I'm only allowed to make dessert on Sundays. Apparently I make too many cakes and stuff? So they banned me from the sugar. I think it's crazy, but, whatever. Anyway, today was my baking day and I went with my mom's suggestion for the easiest cake ever--a pineapple upside down. I have been wanting to make this for, oh, a year or so, but it never came up as the top choice on any given baking day. Today it was a winner. And I passed it off as fruit for, like, three seconds. Happy Sunday. Also, a big congratulations to Richard and Bre.


Janssen said...

So did you plan to share the recipe or just tempt us with that photo?

Stephanie said...

I agree! You need to post the recipe for the dessert waffles too or else I'm only going to be able to read your blog when I'm not hungry.

Sherry said...

I'm going to second Janssen on that!

Also, wonderful timing (assuming you put up the recipe) because I've been dying for pineapple up-side down cake lately. But I haven't started looking for a recipe, and hello! If you give me one, I don't have to go looking.