Monday, January 21, 2008

my human right to fake travel

Somehow we talked my parents into a rousing game of Journey Through Europe for family home evening. I remember playing this a lot as a kid, and I remember really enjoying it but never winning, and also that one of my siblings later admitted to cheating so that he could win. Maybe I made that last part up, but it seems like a real memory. Anyway, this game is like the first edition of Ticket to Ride, and has more complicated rules and also countries and cities that existed in 1987 but don't exist anymore. And you don't build a train route, you just travel around to all your different cities. So, it's the same, but also different. Good times.
After this game we tried "Likes and Gripes," which wasn't nearly as fun, but there was one point where we were laughing so hard that some of us might have been crying. And now I can't even remember what was so funny, but, man, was it funny. That was about as interesting as me telling you about my dreams, wasn't it?

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