Tuesday, January 15, 2008

in which i try to make up for never telling stories

I keep telling Somebody that I’m going to update the blog with holiday stories tomorrow. And then the next day I would talk about how it was going to get done tomorrow. And then tomorrow turned into January. What the? I wasn’t prepared for Christmas, so imagine my surprise when I woke up to 2008. Oh, to be a child and have time drag like the express line when you have one item and the three people in front of you have 357. Anyway. So, here it is. The shortest two month recap ever.

1. I was in charge of my ward’s Christmas dinner/party, and it was successful even though it was held in the middle of an ice storm; and even though I had planned one menu and then, the Sunday before the party, the bishopric announces and different menu in Elder’s Quorum and gets volunteers to make that food, and then tells me about it after church because “people were worried I wasn’t going to have enough of the right kind of food”; and even though I had no committee so everything was left to me, Somebody, my parents, and the nicest family in the ward who drove through the storm to help decorate; and even though the family who were the entire program decided not to attend because of the horrible road conditions. Even through all of that, it was still hailed as the greatest Christmas party/dinner this ward has ever known. Last year’s must have truly sucked.

2. In a moment of, um, Christmas spirit? we decided to do the Twelve Days of Christmas for a family in our ward. Never have I exhibited less charity and compassion as I did putting those gifts together and dropping them off. I was at the height of my grouchiness and surely received no blessings at all. Hopefully I did receive blessings for the clever poems and pretty cards, though.

3. Every year I make a family picture calendar for my family, and every year I tell myself that next year I’m going to start earlier, and work smarter, and get it done in November. Never, ever, do I follow my advice. Once again, I spent an entire Saturday putting the calendar together, and that deadline hit only because it was the Saturday the week before Christmas (I’m awesome!) and midnight was the shipping deadline. As a stroke of luck, though, that day was also a calendar sale, so my procrastination saved us, like, $40. Again, I’m awesome. How long did it take me to do all the pages? I had Lord of the Rings playing in the background. And watched all three. Extended versions. And was still working. Samples of my awesomeness? Okay.

4. My sister got me a hair pick for Christmas. Apparently she had noticed that the one I use looked a little old. Like maybe I got it, already looking very used, from a friend. When I was a freshman in high school. Nigh unto 15 years ago. Gross. Sadly, I loved that pick. I had to throw it in the garbage, and then dump other garbage on top, and then run away quickly in order to part with that dear friend.

5. I had the hardest time this year choosing a Christmas present for Somebody. Usually I can think of a handful of things that he would love to have, but this year we were trying to save money, and while we weren’t banning gifts we were definitely trying to not break the bank. I thought, and I thought, and I puzzled some more. And I puzzled three hours, till my puzzler was sore. Still, though, I could only come up with a few very small items. Genius struck when I decided to make the small gift bigger by sending him on a scavenger hunt for his presents. A word to the wise: some games are more fun when everyone is playing. But I had to do something to make up for the fact that half his presents were library books and videos that we have already returned. I know. Again, I’m awesome. I “give” library books as presents. Overall I think he had a good experience, and I had enough fun making the clues that this plan might show up again next year.


Janssen said...

I LOVE that you gave him library books. That may be the most awesome thing I've ever heard.

housewife said...

I love your calendar pages! Where did you get the backgrounds? Are they free or no? u