Monday, May 19, 2008

without words

This exemplifies much about what I knew and hated about being a single woman in P-town.



Miss L said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. I feel like entering and then telling this idiot what a jerk he is! Seriously???? Because he's such a great catch????? If he's making the girl pay for a Pre-Stadium of Fire date...he's SO not worth it! ARGH! I feel like finding out who his mother is and giving her a call. That would be rich.

Janssen said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe he just wants to make sure he doesn't waste his ticket on some girl who would rather not go with him anyway, but doesn't have the heart to say no...

Noelle said...

This is atrocious!! I'm glad I didn't know about this kind of thing happening when I lived in p-town.

Ginet said...

So wrong on so many levels. Wait, was that Mylie Cyrus I saw as the entertainment at Stadium of Fire? Who does this guy want to go out with...a 13 year old girl and her over zealous mother looking for free tickets? More power to him! H

Anonymous said...

hahah I give the kid total props! There are sooooooooooo many shallow girls out there (especially in PROVO) who just use guys for dates! DONT LIE TO YOURSELF YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE!

"If he's making the girl pay for a Pre-Stadium of Fire date...he's SO not worth it!"
Wow POOR GIRL! You actually have to pay for something on a date!
So we live in the time of equality for both men and women, yet girls still demand to be taken out and have only the male pay for things? It should go both ways!

"This is atrocious!! I'm glad I didn't know about this kind of thing happening when I lived in p-town."

Oh No! Girls actually having to do something for a date! That’s so "atrocious"! Grow up! Despite common belief YOU ARE NOT SO SUPIOR to guys that you are above doing a little bit of work in dating! Even in “p-town” it’s ok for girls to be proactive on their dating lives as well! Don’t even get me started on your use of the term “p-town” for the whitest most “un-gangsta” place on the planet!

Good for him for thinking of a creative way to meet new girls and sort through all of the byu shallow time wasters!

This is exactly why I married a girl who was not from Utah County or had anything to do with BYU! She’s a democrat…..Wooooooo….. we also think all people including women, gays, blacks, Mexican (You know the brown guys that make it possible so that you can live your prissy little lives in the bubble of Provo) should be treated equally and fairly as equal “children of the same heavily father” !!!! Wooooooo! Such radical ideas! Yes I know im going to burn in hell! She & I have a relationship built upon equality and mutual respect which allows us to work together as a team (for all u LDS kids “As One” which is a key part of the doctrine of Celestial Marriage!). This type of equality allows me to treat her like a the amazing woman that she is and receive love and respect back on an equal level. Neither one of us is better or more important than the other. That type of respect started while we were dating and has provided us with a successful, happy, loving relationship. Mutual respect and equality is the key to any successful relationship and what this kids dating contest shows is that he respects females enough to let them have an equal responsibility in the dating process! All the power to him!

And NO I am not the kid who is running that web site, not do I have anything to do with it. I just came upon it like the rest of you.

Somebody said...

Although I don't think it is abominable to have girls make the first step, I do think it is wrong to make it into a "sweepstake". If that is what you call "creativity", we really need to rethink our liberal art classes in high school and college. We don’t need to get too bitter about others opinions. I believe that there are girls from Utah county and attend(ed) BYU who are democratic such as my sweetheart. Let us not stereotype. Let us all speak kind words to each other….

EmilyG said...

As a female still in the dating game but in Seattle, and having experienced the Provo scene, I have to give the guy props. I think the idea has sound reasoning behind it, and I have had much much worse dating experiences than this. If he's going to spend all that money on a date, he should take someone who actually wants to go, and this is a creative way of weeding them out. Plus, dating is a numbers/p.r. game, and he's upping his chances in both areas.

That being said, I do believe guys should pay for the date and do the asking, and I wouldn't go out with this guy. But I'm sure there is someone out there who will, and this might just be the way to find her. Good luck to him!

Anonymous said...

" Let us not stereotype. Let us all speak kind words to each other…. we don’t need to get too bitter about others opinions."

Let’s look at some examples of "bitter opinions & stereotypes"

"This idiot what a jerk he is!”

Does she even know him? Yet she has already passed judgment & stereotyped him. Not really what Jesus would do is it?

“This is atrocious!! I'm glad I didn't know about this kind of thing happening when I lived in p-town”

Hummm passing judgment! Someone’s idea for a fun date is “atrocious”. Usually that word is used to describe things such as the holocaust and Wendy’s breakfast.

“Who does this guy want to go out with...a 13 year old girl and her over zealous mother looking for free tickets?” So just because someone has tickets to a 4th of July event that BYU sponsors and is looking for a date that makes him some sort of pedophile looking for a 13 yr old date? Is everyone who goes to a Hanna Montana show a pervert? I wonder why half of the LDS general authorities will be in attendance? Hahaha so its ok for these girls bloging here to call some guy trying to have a fun date a perv for going to the same event “the brothern” are attending?

Gretchen said...

Who cares who pays, etc etc. What confuses me in all this is what good it's going to do him. He claims that he's doing it to weed out the girls who don't really want to go with him. I would argue that anyone who enters the "sweepstakes" is doing it entirely because they want to go to Stadium of Fire. How does that help him? I mean, I suppose some girls may be taking a chance hoping that there will be "magic," but I wouldn't count on it. I think he will simply end up picking the most attractive girl that is willing to hang around with him just so she can go to the show. Then she'll probably kick him to the curb. How exactly does this process keep him from being used? Answer: It doesn't. It must be entirely a "publicity stunt" for him to fan the flame of his ego. He doesn't care if the girls want to be with him, he only cares about the number of dates he gets out of the deal. I hope there's a happier ending but I'm not seeing it.

Miss L said...

Ahhhh, Anonymous at 1:13, where to even begin...(while trying to take Somebody's advice to speak kind words, etc.):

Clearly you have NO idea who I am or what I believe or anything about my life and yet you smugly judge me? Hmmmm...Pot/Kettle anyone?

I can recognize TACKINESS on many levels, especially when it's right in front of me (...ahem). And this guy's ploy to get as many dates as he can PRIOR to this Stadium of Fire shindig is just that: TACKY. So, if you are offended that I’ve called him an idiot or a jerk, I’m sorry. As some “anonymous” poster pointed out, you are absolutely right: I don’t know him. So, maybe he’s not an idiot or a jerk for pimping himself out this way, but I can tell you what this web contest points out: He’s tacky. (Hey! I know! Let’s put the shoe on the other foot: what would guys be thinking if a GIRL did this to get some dates? Oh yeah, let’s hear all the praise and adulation now, shall we?)

Yes, maybe he's thinking "outside of the box," but if he's brazen enough to post this and promote it, he's brazen enough to just ask someone out himself. And I don't want to hear about having to sift through all the shallow "time wasting" chaff at BYU or wherever. It goes BOTH ways. If he really wanted to sift through the chaff and find the wheat, there are other methods that aren't so...demoralizing. What do the "runners up" get from this deal? Not a darn thing (and please...let's not hear about how they get a great date prior to The Extravaganza with this guy, who WON'T be taking THEM, etc.).

Besides, what kind of criteria is "If I have a better time on the date 'with you' than with any other entrant, you will be selected to be my date..." ugh.

Oh. ANOTHER THING: PUL-LLEASE, don't lecture ME (or anyone else for that matter) about dating and any etiquette you deem reasonable for this "era." You have no clue about that can of worms you arrogantly are trying to pry open. People find their significant others through all types of scenarios (and even if you didn't marry a girl from "Utah County" or who had anything to do with BYU...she's still from Utah, right?). Don't be so snotty to those of us who DIDN'T find our spouses through the obviously transcendent way YOU did.

BTW, I have no qualms about a woman paying for things while dating. I did it many times. Most women do; but I didn't do it to win some "prize;" it's done because there's an actual mutual interest/relationship going on. Indeed, it didn't end just with dating; like MANY others, I supported my husband throughout his graduate school (because I was done with all of my degrees--and yes, that means PLURAL degrees), even with a newborn at home, working as a "professional" out in "the world." Wow. How liberal. What must we be thinking?

Sherry said...

I don't find it very jerk-like really. I mean, he's putting himself out there for girls to meet. Any girl who applies can get a few clues as to his personality (probably not very soft-spoken and at least a little bit opinionated) before they apply. And I don't think it is that big of a deal for a girl to pay for a date or two. If she likes a guy, it shows that she is interested in him. I don't know that I would have applied were I single, but kudos to him for the thoroughly amusing publicity stunt.

Bart said...

Wow, Jennifer. I bet you didn't expect all this. Lol.

So here's what I think:

1 - There's one "anonymous" commenter on your blog who went a little nuts-o. Let's keep it clean, people.

2 - KC's my cousin (in-law), and he's far from egotistical. I have no doubt that he was mainly just trying to be funny, and thought he might be able to drum up some fun dates this way.

3 - That said, I think his approach could have been more effective. If he was dead-set on having this sort of sweepstakes (though it seems like he'd have a better time taking someone he already knows and likes - a good cousin (in-law), perhaps - or the girl he's always wished he had the guts to take out . . .), he maybe should have had a friend set it up for him. I'm not sure that would work much better, but at least it wouldn't seem quite so . . . self-promoting (like I said, I sincerely doubt he meant that to be the overwhelming feeling, but his FAQ's got out of hand a tad).

4 - I agree with Gretchen that he'll probably end up with someone mainly just wanting to go to the concert. I'm not sure he's necessarily opposed to that, since the whole thing seems to be set up as a contest to get to go.

In any case, I doubt he'll have many applicants who are really interested in him because, like miss l pointed out, they'd be putting themselves on the line more than on a normal date (which, for some people, is already a stressful situation). However, girls in it just for the tickets have nothing to lose.

5 - Leaving BYU in your early twenties without a wife is stressful on even the most independent, normal guys out there. Having lived away for awhile (I'm originally from Utah), it's easy to see how strange the idea that 23 or 24 years old is "getting old" truly is. It's crazy! And crazy begets crazy.

6 - Moral? KC should invite me and we'll have a guys' night out and speak Korean and such.

Anonymous said...
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