Monday, May 05, 2008

today has been a good day

Eight reasons I like blogging

1. It gives me an outlet to express my opinions.
2. I like feedback.
3. I like to think that it is a good record of my life, and somehow so much easier to keep than a journal.
4. It makes me feel like I belong to a community, even though that community is other women that I don’t always know in real life but that I relate to because they are all experiencing life the same way I am.
5. It is one more place to tell stories that make me laugh.
6. It is one more place to tell stories that I want to always remember.
7. Friends and family that live far away can read what is going on in my life. (I assume, of course, that they are fascinated by my every move.)
8. Sometimes I can say online what I can’t say in real life.

1 comment:

housewife said...

AH! Your list is awesome. I especially like/agree with the part of feeling like part of a community - and of course chronicling my every move for my family and friends because I'm sure they are just dying to know.