Friday, May 09, 2008

i wear my sunglasses at night

I do, in general, think that I live a very blessed life. I come from a good family who are all friendly and support one another. I have a good education from a pretty university. I have a loving husband who, conveniently, doesn’t have strong opinions about a lot of things so I get to have my way A LOT of the time. I have a job that usually doesn’t make me want to cry. (I have to revise this a little because I JUST NOW had one of those experience at work that happen every once in a while that make me a very, very angry person who hits people. Sometimes I hate this job.) We have a reliable car, a comfortable place to live, good friends, relatively good health, and a nice standard of living. There is very little, in fact, nothing I can think of right now, that we need and cannot provide for ourselves.

That being said, there are some things that I think would make my life just a little more luxurious. And I have listed them for you now.

Ten things I would buy if I had a million dollars:

Toyota Rav4—Somebody and I had one of these as a rental car once and it only took about 20 minutes to decide that someday I wanted to own one. And someday I shall.

Elliptical trainer—I pretend that the reason I’m not more healthy is because we can’t afford to build me a home gym instead of admitting that I’m lazy. One of these would prove me a liar. Bring it on.

A seamstress to custom-sew all my clothes—because that just sounds nice.

A home in Park City and Taiwan—so that I could see my friends and family any time I wanted to, and at the same time have coconut-curry mussels and lots and lots of fish.

Stocks and bonds and other interest-generating things—to build me a nice, fat retirement account.

Funds for my children and nieces and nephews and siblings—so that we can all be well educated and well traveled. Who wouldn’t want that?

Put a private pool in my backyard to swim laps—again, to further prove to Somebody just how lazy I am. Just kidding. I really believe that if I had this in my yard I would use it and love it much more than I love the skuzzy floors of my local public pool.

Build a greenhouse for Somebody—so that he can use his green thumb to its fullest potential. He is a gardening genius and I wish that he had better equipment to grow all the things he wants to.

Go to culinary school—so that I can cook all the things I see other people making and so that I am not intimidated by anything new in a recipe. I want to develop mad knife-wielding skills.

A private jet (with staff and fuel)—again, so that I can see my family and friends any time I want and not have to take my shoes off before I get on the plane.

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Miss L said... the list! I, myself, based on current renting experience, would NOT be buying a Chrysler Seabreeze/Seabring...I have no idea what this car is called, that's how much I would not be buying it. Ugh. It is a convertible, which is nice and on a sunny evening can be quite fun, it's true, but PLEASE! Surely it could be more roomy if they didn't have GINORMOUS armrests and such. Oh well.

Love the list. :)