Saturday, May 10, 2008

cleaning and scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow

I am not a mother now, but some day I hope to be and these are the ten things I am most looking forward to.
1. Baby smell
2. Seeing Somebody’s features in the little person
3. Joining the mommy club
4. Cute baby clothes
5. Looking forward to my children’s future and the opportunities they will have
6. Hugs and kisses
7. Celebrating the baby milestones (rolling over, laughing, walking, clapping, etc.)
8. Baby laughter
9. Lullaby singing
10. Mostly I have this picture in my mind of standing in a doorway at night, looking into the bedroom of my sleeping child. I’m listening to them breathing and just watching them peacefully sleep. This is the picture that screams “mother” to me—the woman who stays up after the child is sleeping. The woman who watches and worries and loves. The woman who hopes and plans and yearns. The woman who protects and nurtures and defends. The woman who listens and waits. The woman who encourages and celebrates. I had that kind of mother and I want to be that kind of mother. And I can hardly wait.


Janssen said...

I cannot WAIT to see your little half-asian babies. They will be ridiculously cute.

Whirl Winds said...

Keep this list. Post it and memorize it for the days when you are pulling your hair out saying, "What did I get myself into?" No, seriously, Love being a mom, but I can't lie, there are days when I want to fly to Mexico.

Megan said...

When you are unsCREWed,and after you become a chef, you should also work for Hallmark and write the text for those long skinny cards that always make me cry.