Tuesday, March 18, 2008

let's just say i loathe it all

What is worse than multiple days of head-shattering migraines?

I'll tell you: Having one hit after 20 minutes at work, and then having your boss tell you, "I get migraines all the time and just work right through them," and then leaving anyway to sleep all day, and then waking up the next day to fuzziness and pain, and then emailing the office to say you are still feeling horrible and you won't be coming in, and then to have the only reply be, "make sure you are aware of the balance of your sick time account."

For the sweet love. Thanks for the kind words of empathy and the approval to take all the time I need to get feeling better. Wait, did my sick time account zero out yesterday at noon? Yes. Yes, it did.


Janssen said...

Well, what a charming thing that is. Hope you feel better soon. (There are no exclamation points in this comment so as not to be too loud, what with your migraine and all).

housewife said...

Man your boss is nice. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I bet you gave her your migraine before you left the office, didn't you? [She has such a fragile immune system]
I am glad you stayed home again today. I am sick and tired of the childless people in this office bringing in all these germs. :)

Get better you!

Fellow sCREWed Employee

Laurenda said...

And you were calling in the reinforcements when? :)

Feel better soon my friend.

jaction said...

Ugh! Your boss stinks. I highly doubt he/she has migraines all the time and works through it--I'm thoroughly convinced that half the people (like said boss) who claim to have migraines have never actually ever had one. They've just had headaches. There's a major difference. I'm so sorry. I hope they end soon.

Laurenda said...

Yeah, I just also have to add that I, too, "get migraines all the time and just work through them." Oh, uh huh. But those I actually call "Headaches" because (and I don't mean to yell, but...) THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE. There is much difference between one of THOSE "migraines" and the debilitating illness that you are enduring now. Ugh. Feel well and let me know what I can do.

Chandler Family said...

I sure hope the madness ends for you soon. It has been almost 2 months from my bad migraines happening and I can't even imagine working with one let alone getting out of bed. Luckily I could stay home and just put Cars on for James and do nothing(except wake up long enough to push play again for Cars). I found that peppermint oil works wonders (I couldn't use real meds cause I was pregnant) also there is a "Shiatsu" massage pillow that saved my life. It is at Bed Bath and Beyond. Good luck, I think the best feeling is the day that you finally wake up and it isn't there anymore!

nymanzanita said...

Ugh....sorry to hear about your migrane and your stinky boss. I hope that you feel better soon. Also,thanks for your comment on my blog...I appreciate your kind words.