Friday, March 21, 2008

friday finds--easter edition

So...not so much with the handmade this edition. Next time? And perhaps by next week I'll have come up with a better way to list these so that it is not a million huge pictures in a list. Ah, next time.

First, could there even be an Easter without the mini eggs? I think not. Cadbury Mini Eggs: this 42 oz bag available at Because when I think mini eggs, I think 42 oz. Maybe I should get two.
I'm not usually a big fan of cutesy salt and pepper shaker sets, but this one is the exception. Functional? Does it even matter? Look at those bunnies! Cottontail salt and pepper shakers:
There are few things more fragile than egg shells, so the idea of growing berries, flowers, or herbs out of one seems highly unlikely. Unless, of course, you had these egglings. Ceramic eggs with organic soil and ready-to-sprout seeds: Red Envelope
I think it was the red that caught my eye, but it was the green and blue that held me. I like the non-matchiness of it all. I like that it is screaming spring in my ear. I like how it almost, just maybe, could have been done by hand. Graphic garden plates: Pottery BarnWe are surrounded with the baby mania, and love being just on the edge of it. We aren't members of the parent club right now, but we are close enough that I can't help but always have an eye out for cute baby things. The pink dots, besides being very "spring" and "Easter," also remind me of watermelon. These groovy bibs are from modern kid stuff.comEvery Easter growing up we had an Easter tree made by sticking pussy willow branches in a large vase and then hanging wooden egg ornaments. I couldn't find any good pictures of the pussy willow tree, but these ornaments do a great job of taking me back to 1984. And, seriously, who doesn't want to go back to 1984 every now and then? Wooden egg 0rnaments: Williams Sonoma
Are you in love? I am. I want to own them all. This might be, hands down, my favorite Easter find. Wool felt Easter eggs: Pink Sweetie's shopThese little cards rank pretty high up there on my list of things that other people made that I wish I could call my own. Lucky, for a few bucks, I can call these my own. Chicks Mini Card Set: Nycole's shop
I have to admit that these eggs drew me in immediately. I especially love that they are orange and so don't perfectly match the typical Easter decor. Wood eggs decoupaged with decorative papers: Catnip Studio's shop
Don't these just make you want to have an egg hunt? I thought so. Puffy treat bags: Pottery Barn Kids


housewife said...

Very cute - you have a good eye.

Laurenda said...

Okay, we got the 11 oz mini Cadbury egg things...delicious. I can only imagine what 42 oz is like!!! :)

And I LOVE the baskets. Love 'em. If only Easter wasn't today.

sarah said...

Love it all!! So much fun! :)