Friday, March 14, 2008

friday favoriates--luck of the irish edition

I'm not sure what prompted my desire to give you a list of my favorite finds each Friday. Perhaps I like to talk about myself? Probably. I started just looking for things that I thought were pretty, and somewhere along the way thought that maybe I should be looking only at homemade items, you know, in my effort to support Somebody in his ban of all things from China. So, perhaps for future installments of the Friday Favorites you will only see items that were handmade. We shall see. Remember when I was going to take a picture a day? Yeah. That's working out real well.

Here are just a few things that will brighten your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. They are sure you keep the annoying pinching fingers of others away from you, and, well, they are pretty. Also, pardon the spacing here. Sometimes Blogger is a little pain in the rear when it comes to spacing things the way I would like to.

Hosting a leprechaun gathering? You are going to need this for the appetizers. Multiple pieces of colored glass. Two separate kiln firings. Perfection. Spring Plate: Drew Jaeger

To be honest, I thought this was a belt. I liked it more as a belt. Still, though, it is a pretty cool dog collar. Martingale Dog Collar: Classic Hound

A handmade, crocheted purse. With bumps. Awesome bumps. Seriously, I'm a sucker for a good green. Green Bobble Purse She Knits by Amy
I love the spring-time-ness of this color combination. Zippered Pouch: Sarah Kincheloe
Need a little luck? Just rest your head on this lovely pillowcase--guaranteed to bring dreams of the pot of gold. Good Luck Pillowcase: Tiny Stitches
Did you know that the three leaves on a standard clover stand for hope, faith, and love? Use this to grow your own clovers, and you just that much closer to finding a four-leaf clover that will give you luck beyond your wildest dreams! Lucky Clover Windowsill Garden from Toysmith: Oompa Toys

Crocheted beanie with a little visor and a big flower. Also, I like that cute blond hair. Flowered Beanie: PDX Beanies
This might be the coolest laptop bag I've ever seen. It wouldn't even need to be St. Patrick's Day for me to carry this around. Laptop Briefcase: Janine King Designs
Kiss me--I'm magically delicious? Um, okay. Should Somebody show up wearing this, he would totally get kissed. Magically Delicious Shirt: Cafe Press
Letterpress card set that just makes me swoon. I love the fragility of the swirls. Green Swirls Card: Pistachio Press
Should you find yourself with no other green clothing on Monday morning, this hair clip will keep the pinches away. Fabric Hair Clip: Maya Papaya

Four blank note cards. Too cute to pass up. Bird on a Cage Cards: Just Another Day
A cool version of a sun catcher, these swirled glass shamrocks are made to suction to your window. Shamrock window sticky: Glass Cat

I'm in the mood for some cool serving platters and bowls, and this fit the bill nicely. Whimsical Circle Bowl: chARiTy elise

I love onesies. Love them. You won't even have time to think about pinching your baby in this outfit because you'll be too busy just eating him right up. Two Apples Onesie: Quilt Baby

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