Thursday, March 29, 2007

who killed lilly kane?

I finally know! I finally know! I know that I am, um, about two years late with the news, but it was Aaron Echolls! Eewwww. Could the resolution be any skeevier?

Curse you, Scrumptious Cupcakes, for sending Seasons 1 and 2 home with me last week! Curse you! My life has been a mess, and I've been wandering around my apartment mumbling, "But who killed Lilly Kane? Do you think I will ever know?" Somebody has been very patient with me, and thank goodness we can finally resume normal life now.

RIP Lilly Kane. I thought you were cool, but you creeped me out in the end.


Chloe Elizabeth said...

I told you it was good. I did it to SC. She did it to you. Are you planning on doing it to someone else, or can I expect my DVD's back? (No rush...I'm all about spreading the LoVe). Logan and Veronice 4ever!

Sarah said...

i'm so glad you finished season 1!! now on to season 2!! yeah, it's all very creepy in the end...