Wednesday, March 28, 2007

first to see the sun

We spent Saturday morning getting the yard ready for summer. The cherry tree needed pruning and the flower beds needed some flowers. Knowing how much I love cherries, and also how disappointed I was that we didn't get to see the cherry trees in bloom in Asia, Somebody brought in branches he had cut from the tree and put them in a vase for me. Two vases, actually. Saturday they were just branches with tiny green buds. We were optimistic, but not certain, that they would bloom inside.

Yesterday a few of the buds started showing signs of white blossoms pushing out.

And this morning?
So pretty! To offset this hopeful sign of spring, this is what Mother Nature did to the neighborhood.

I love Utah in the spring.


Janssen said...

Pretty! I wish we were doing something with our yard instead of letting weeds grow. Too bad.

Bart Bradshaw said...

Just so you know, we've pulled all the weeds, tamed the yard a bit, mowed the lawn, and even trimmed the front tree. So we're getting there. I like the pictures. Though I enjoy the warmer weather here, it's always good to see Utah.