Monday, March 05, 2007

one day = 36 hours

We woke up to a snow-storm in Beijing. After a harrowing ride to the airport we boarded our plane...and then waited...and waited...and waited some more. Almost three hours later, after being de-iced, we departed for Hong Kong.

Because of our delay we missed our connecting flight to Taipei which meant my parents were going to miss their flight back to Los Angeles. The helpful staff at Cathay Pacific met us at the gate in Hong Kong and changed all our flights to skip the Taipei leg and leave for the U.S. directly from Hong Kong. For my parents this worked out great. For me and Somebody, though, this meant that instead of having a 12 hour layover in Taipei, and going into the city for the lantern festival, and taking awesome pictures, instead we had the pleasure of spending 12 hours in the San Francisco airport consistently NOT getting on any stand-by flights. And then, because the day couldn't get worse, the flight we actually had tickets on was delayed an hour.

In the end, although we had left Beijing at 5 am on Sunday morning, and we landing in SLC just after midnight on Sunday evening, 36 hours had passed for us. It would have been the worst Sunday ever, but I arrived home to this:

Oh. My. Gosh. Welcome home.
Things I always want to remember:
* How I thought I had a special channel on my airplane tv that allowed me to hear the movie Stranger Than Fiction. Little did I know that everyone else could not only hear the movie, they could also see it.
* In the SF airport, when Somebody told me that he was going to go for a walk around the airport, because I was “a little grumpy”, and “clearly needed some alone time.”

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