Wednesday, March 14, 2007

jennifer thumb

Last night, for the first time since our return from the East, I slept for a full eight hours. During the night. I'm finally, FINALLY, over the jet lag. It only took eight nights to readjust myself to Utah time. Welcome home.

Also, I was foolish while opening a cardboard box on Monday and a piece of cardboard jammed up in my right thumbnail, between the nail and the thumb, and my whole thumb has been bruised and throbbing ever since. Yesterday I couldn't use it at all, and while today is much better, I still can't use it to type. Have you ever tried to not use your thumb? The right index finger gets very busy and confused when he has to do his own job plus work the space bar. I mis-type frequently, writing things like "thumbnail,bbetween" and "onlyntook eightnnights" and "thum b." I never knew how much the thumb did for me. Like, hold my brush, and hook up my bra, and crack open eggs. And Left Hand? He's totally useless. He can't even work the toilet paper dispenser. Life is rough. But at least I'm finally well rested.

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