Thursday, January 18, 2007

two of my favorite things

While there are many things I love in this world, there are two products that I have such tender feelings for that had I talked about them on the playground I very likely would have been told, "If you love them so much, why don't you marry them." Ahhhhh, third grade jokes are the funniest.

Sun Shades lip balm, from the Melaluca company. My favorite flavor is Pina Colada. Somebody likes Vanilla Bean. I like that they not only give moisture to my lips, and are SPF 15, but when I'm wearing it, sometimes I'll think, "what is that delicious smell?" and then I'll remember that it is my very own lips. Yum.
Stonewall Kitchens Maple Vanilla Pear Butter. We found this gem when we were shopping for souvenirs in Maine. I'm sad to realize that the jar is almost empty and once it is I will have to go back to using regular butter on my toast. This tasty treat is a substitute for both butter and jam on toast, but the consistency is just like jam, and the taste is sweat but not overwhelming.

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