Wednesday, January 10, 2007

things i've done this past week

1. Attended the best nacho party ever. My new slogan for this year is “2007: The Year of the Theme Parties.” It will be the best year ever. And just in case we thought that the yummiest nachos I have ever eaten (no lie), Richard, and DDR were not enough to make the evening great, we also had some karaoke DDR. With medleys! Although afterwards Somebody said, “It was obvious that you wanted to sing. Why didn’t you just take the microphone?” I’m not sure, still, what my reaction to that comment is. Am I embarrassed that it was “obvious” that I wanted to sing? Should I be worried I was acting crazy? Am I concerned that he didn’t follow up his comment with, “And you should have taken the microphone, because you have a great voice.”? Does he think I can’t sing and is secretly relieved that I didn’t? Huh. Mostly, though, I think, “Yeah, I did want to, but not alone. I’m content to sing backup.” Seriously great party, though.

2. My boss boss asked me to write an article for the Alumni Association “Grad Guide.” Just a short little thing about staying educated after graduation. I’m flattered that he thought of me as a writer, but now a little worried about turning in something worth publishing. It’s due to the editor by tomorrow, and I have nothing more than a general outline, and instead of finishing it I’m writing this paragraph. Another reason why I have never been the staff of the year.

3. Somebody got his travel parole. Yes, that is what the U.S. government calls permission to leave the county: parole. Although, technically, he’s getting permission to come back in to the county, it’s still amuses me that it is the same word we use when people are let out of prison.

4. After two weeks and three estimates on repairing the damage to the car, we are still waiting to hear from the insurance agency as to whether they will pay for the repairs or decide the car isn’t worth repairing and call it totaled. I’ve been praying for two weeks that they will just pay to repair it, because I’m emotionally attached to the car and because I don’t think we could get something as good for the amount of money they would pay us. We’ll know soon, hopefully.

5. I remember one night many years ago, at a girl’s weekend gathering, that we were all watching the movie Return to Me. I thought it was the cutest movie ever, but I remember that my sister was there and, crying, said that she didn’t like it because she didn’t like that he fell in love again after his wife died. (Do you remember that, Karla?) At the time I thought that was kind of a silly thing to think. And besides, the movie was so cute, right? Anyway, last weekend I went to see The Holiday with Sarah and Chloe, and had exactly the same response as my sister had those years ago. Overwhelming. Make me want to cry huge gasping sobs. How could he love someone else like he loved the wife he lost? It was painful to see. I was in agony at the thought that there could be something greater than, even comparable to, the love he had for his first wife. I do realize it was my pain at thinking that Somebody could love again the way that he loves me. That he could look at someone the way he looks at me. That anyone could ever know him, and see their life with him, as intimately as I do. Heart. Wrenching. Pain.

P.S. I’m sorry if you haven’t seen the movie and I spoiled that secret for you. You should see it. It’s cute and funny and very enjoyable. During the parts where I wasn’t crying my tears of pain I was absolutely enjoying myself.

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Janssen said...

I really like your writing. Send me a copy of your article if you can. We dont' get the alumni magazine for some reason, despite having one alumni and one ALLLLMOST alumni living in this house.