Tuesday, January 16, 2007

things i learned this weekend

1. Even if you like a movie the first time you see it, that doesn't necessarily mean you should rush right out again in the same weekend to see it again. Give yourself some time to forget some details so that you can enjoy it again.

2. After you've seen a musical, it is perfectly okay to sing and dance around your apartment--especially if your husband is joining you on the chorus.

3. Not all cd's and cd players want to be friends. Perhaps you should consider formal introductions before you try to force a relationship.

4. My space heater is set to automatically switch off when the temperature in the room reaches 60 degrees. It hasn't shut off, even once, all day. Bread dough will not rise in apartments that don't get warmer than 60 degrees.

5. Soy milk makes yucky tapioca pudding. Don't even try it.

6. It is possible to make it through a long holiday weekend without watching any TV at all.

1 comment:

Janssen said...

What movie? And thanks for the graduation wishes. Now if they'd just show up at BYU, get graded, and post, I'd be even HAPPIER!