Friday, April 04, 2008

friday finds: yellow edition

This week I had a hard time coming up with some good finds. At first I wanted to find items with daffodils, because they seem to be the only flower blooming these days, but daffodil items that I like are few and far between. So then I tried April Fool's items, and, well, several of those were not for young readers (apparently etsy doesn't have policy prohibiting homemade items of objectionable taste, and I have to wonder who is spending time making or buying those items, but to each his/her own). Anyway, I finally settled on yellow items because yellow makes me happy and encourages me that spring and sunshine will be here soon.

1. How could you not dress your child in that and then smile every time you saw them? You can. The End. Lemon Dress: Blossom and Sunny.
2. I have a love/hate relationships with wreaths. I had the dried flowers, wispy sprigs, and Homemaking-ness of many of them. But every so often I come across one that I love and that I could definitely see myself actually hanging on my front door. My hypothetical front door. LES CITRONS Gorgeous Tropical Orchid Wreath: Fantasy of Flowers.
3. I used to have an obsession with candles. And I can't think of a birthday/holiday when I didn't receive at least one candle as a gift. But these, well, these are practically mood lighting. I hope that sentence didn't make you vomit a little. Celestial Votive Holders: Moonlightbaker.
4. This was the very first yellow item I loved and the one that spurred the whole yellow list. I love it. Love. It. It is so cheery and bright and quite possibly a one-size-fits-all. Sign me up. Yellow Explosion Bracelet: Pepper Design.
5. No privileged little girl my age grew up without Strawberry Shortcake. I loved those dolls, but mostly because they just smelled so good. This is Lemon Meringue and her pet frog, Frappe. Do you remember them? Has your life seemed incomplete without them? Because the notes say she still smells sweet. Lemon meringue with frappe: Trunk of Prettys.
6. When Somebody and I talk about life options that don't involve me going to work, we often talk about the things I will be doing instead. "Sewing aprons" and selling them and making millions is usually way up there on the list*. Right under "open cupcake shop with friends." Why? I don't know. I live on the edge like that. In any case, I'm always on the lookout for cool apron patterns, and this one was appealing. It is reversible with yellow on the back. Bumblee Heaven Apron: Burst of Happiness.
*I have never sewed an apron before.
Update: Okay, seriously? I've tried to edit the spacing on this, like, 11 times, and it keeps reformatting to having no spaces and a weird size of font. What's going on? My last post was like this, too? I would hate to think that I'm a bad blogger, and so I want to blame Blogger, but has anyone else had this problem? And how did you fix it?


Mari said...

I've been having problems with fonts, size, color AND format too. My most recent post was published with the text underlined--I can't even find the option TO underline, let alone UNDO underlining! It's a conspiracy...

I solved the problem the way I do most computer things--find a place where it IS doing what I want and retype it there, without the funky stuff. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just want to spit at it.

Good luck!

Miss L said...

As you know, I am plagued by this irritant as well. Ohhhh, if only I adored typing things in HTML (or is it XML now?) and could code like I breathe. Alas, not so and I have no desire to do so. But if I figure something out, you will be one of the first to know. 'Til then, good luck (and thanks for the great bbq recipe!) :) L

Shari said...

I love Strawberry Short Cake...the old school. The new ones are just not the same! I had one of those baby ones that blew kisses. My mom actually sent up a bag of old toys and it was in there....very well loved, but still smelling like Angel Food Cake!

And When you open your cupcake store, let me know, I'd be so up for long as I didn't have to put triplets in daycare. That would defeat the purpose of working, except for getting away for a while!

Anonymous said...

I saw the little frog and strawberry shortcake doll and immediately could smell it! (or remember the distinct smell from childhood) It brought me back to sharing a room with my sister, a mostly white with yellow bed spread, playing with wonderfully scented strawberry shortcake dolls with my sister, and hearing my mom tell me to clean them up and put them away. ~Heidi