Friday, April 25, 2008

abc my friday

Like many things, I am not the first. Who beat me? Janssen and Housewife, of course.

Admiring: New cars and the lucky people who own and drive them. (New being relative—anything less than six years old.)

Beating myself up about: Eating food that I know I shouldn’t eat.

Crying over: Spilt milk.

Daydreaming about: Someday being one of the pregnant women that people think are so cute.

Excited because: It’s Friday and we are hanging with Zoo Peters tonight. And she is cooking. You have no idea how jealous you should be.

Frustrated because: My to-do list never seems to shrink.

Grateful for: blinds that Justin put up over my office window (also I’m grateful that my desk is one of the few in the office that looks out a window) to block out the sun and the sunny reflection on the cars in the parking lot. The constant glare was giving me headaches and the blinds have made a huge difference in my ability to stay at work. Although sometimes I still have to wear my sunglasses in the office. I’m grateful for sunglasses.

Hate-filled and seething over: critical emails that get forwarded to lists of people who were not involved in any part of the original discussion, and that are critical about things that are not even accurate, and that will lead to wasted time and incorrect assumptions.

Indignant because: I’m rarely wrong (at work) (What? I'm not! I'm freakishly smart.) and I don’t like being accused of incompetence.

Just shoot me now because: Once again it looks like we’ll get freezing temperatures this weekend and I just don’t know how much more my little garden can take.

Kidding myself regarding: How cute the little pigtails really are.

Listening to:Whole Wide World” by Eric Goulden

Mooning over: Shirts that are (a) long enough that I don’t need a tank top, (b) short sleeve so that I can wear them in the summer, (c) dressy enough that I can wear them to work, (d) casual enough that I can wear them on the weekend, and (e) somewhat attractive. Suggestions?

Need: A realistic exercise plan.

Obsessing over: The one toenail that looks sad and stumpy and like it doesn’t want to join the “pretty toenail party.”

Praying: That the plan will go, you know, according to plan.

Questioning: How long this nasty blemish with stay on my chin. Any bets? We’re up to three weeks and counting.

Reading: 1776, and while it’s interesting and I’m impressed with the drive and courage of those men, I’m not loving it like I want to.

Singing: The song I’m listening to. Also, I have been singing “She,” from the movie Notting Hill, (which we watched last night) in my head during the breaks when no music is playing.

Trying: to motivate myself to do some actual work. This leads directly to my frustration that my to-do list never gets any shorter.

Unnerved by: How much smoother our drive is with new tires. Should I have been more worried about our safety with the shaky-shakes the past three months?

Voicing: My opinion that being constantly monitored makes me uneasy and a less-productive employee.

Wondering: If I will ever be able to open the blinds all the way again.

X-ray: My foot. Are the bones really collapsing? Is that really something that happens?

Yawning over: pictures of other people’s pets. Seriously. I agree that your kids are cute and I like to see how they are growing up, but, um, your puppy? Not so much. Even when you pose it in the spring tulips.

Zoinks: Only two more hours of work time?!? I definitely need to get some things done here.


chloe elizabeth said...

I'm feeling your pain, my friend.

Janssen said...

Someday you might write something that I don't think is brilliant and hilarious and awesome. But I don't see that day coming soon. In fact, that day probably wont' come until you take pictures of your dog in flowers and then write a long gushing post about it. I think everything you write is brilliant. Also? Move to Texas.

Bart said...

I often have new car lust too. Even with good ol' Dreamy.

Megan said...

Pigtails are cute...
Your Plan will happen...
It is not a blemish, to the doctor you must go!