Friday, May 11, 2007

pressure relief

1. Did I mention that at our hotel in Albuquerque, one that took me four long hours to decide on, the king-size bed was a Tempur-Pedic? Because it was. And that part about how you can't even tell that the other person in the bed is moving? That's true. What they don't tell you is that it seems to absorb heat a little. Or maybe I'm making that up. All I know is that I thought it was hot, and not in the Paris Hilton "that's hot" way. In the, good gravy, this room is HOT, and I hate my covers right now, and why didn't we turn on the air conditioning, kind of way. Somebody slept like a baby, but then he always does. So not fair. (P.S., the hotel is way better than the website would lead you to believe. I almost didn't stay there because of how much I disliked the website. Yeah. I know how to make good choices, and base them on relevant details.)

2. I am having one of those days/weeks/months where I know I have things to do at work, and am even missing some deadlines, but am unable to muster the motivation to just complete my assigned tasks. Is this because I know I will be leaving here soon, and maybe not even get to see these summer programs that I'm planning, or supposed to be planning? Is it because Somebody gets to spend a few mornings each week lounging about at home? (And by "lounging" I mean washing dishes, doing laundry, planning dinner, etc. Having a wife is awesome!) Is it because summer weather is here and it's hard to not look out my huge window and just want to be outside? When you figure it out, please let me know. Because I have some deadlines I'm missing.

3. I've heard far too many stories this week of how bizarre and sad the LDS dating culture is. Like, the guy who wears a Viagra tie to church. And the guys who boldly announce that they could date any girl in the ward, and then the girls who they tell this to willingly agree with them. And the bishop who told his ward that maybe they all just needed to acknowledge the fact that the dream person they want isn't out there and that they might as well settle for someone in the ward because that was a good as they were going to be able to get. And the girl who writes notes and delivers them awkwardly in the hall, and bakes cupcakes, and leaves halting voice mail messages, and enlists the bishop to help her get the boy to ask her out. Sad, sad stories. Oh, and the fireside where an authority figure counseled the girls to go ahead and ask the boys out. Um, because that doesn't happen already? I can't count the number of times I've heard a boy say, "I've been on seven dates this month, and I didn't ask any of them out. They all asked me out." What on earth is happening? I'm so recently removed from it all that I can still feel the pain, but not nearly in the same way as my friends are. And there is no end in sight! It's really no wonder that people wait longer and longer to get married.

4. In three months from today, at the very latest, we will be packing up our apartment and starting the drive to Kansas. I can't wait. I also wish the day would never come.

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