Wednesday, May 30, 2007

letting the cat out of the bag

Presenting, clockwise from the top: Melanie, Other One, Pierre, and George.

Okay, so the story goes that my sister's cat had four kittens. Her cats are only outdoor cats, so we offered to take the kittens and train them to be inside cats so that it would be easier to find homes for them. We have had them for a week and a half now, and our affection for them has gone up and down. Coincidentally, so has their ability to not claw the furniture, poop only in the litter box, not climb on the bed, stay out of the cupboards, poop only in the litter box, etc. Weird.

Meanwhile, they provide hours of entertainment, and we will miss them when they go. Yet, go they must.

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Kelly said...

i think pierre is my favorite :)