Monday, May 07, 2007

how we wasted our time

Even though Brent cautioned us that the Four Corners was not really worth the trip, we figured that we were so close it would just be a shame to miss this place. I mean, where else can you stand in four states at one time? No place. Also, we like to ignore really good advice.

By the way, Four Corners is an hour away from Anywhere. Oh, and take $3 cash per person who wants to get in. Because without it, the very accommodating Navajo Nation, owners of the land and site, won't let you in. And they won't take debit or credit cards, or personal checks, or even barter for tears and blood. Or really good banana bread. Cash. You must have cash. If you don't, you'll just realize that you drove all that way and all you got were pictures by the entrance sign.
But we still were in all four stats at some point today. Take that, Navajo Nation. You may take away my photo op, but you can't crush my spirit. The police in Jemez Springs already did that.

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