Thursday, April 26, 2007

you can't always get what you want

Somebody is graduating today. And I have some thoughts.

1. Will people please stop talking about how mad they are that Dick Cheney is speaking at Commencement today? If you oppose all that he stands for; if seeing him makes you sick; if you think he is the devil; if you are afraid he will shoot you, then stay home. Don't attend. Don't watch. Why is this so hard? And why am I so embarrassed of my fellow students? Do you really think he is going to take this opportunity to spout political opinuindo? Why can’t we just believe he will congratulate the graduates, wish them success in their future, and sit down?

2. Somebody and I have been cooking up a storm every night this week getting ready for his graduation celebration. My mom was supposed to arrive today and I was going to pick her up from the airport while Somebody was at Commencement, and then everyone would come over for food and fun. I had been worrying yesterday evening about how the timing was all going to work, and if I could get it all done, and was planning on making a detailed timeline first thing this morning, and was just praying that somehow I would have the time and energy to finish it all.

My mom called this morning to let us know that she was actually not going to be able to come because the small cold she had been fighting the last several days had blossomed overnight into a much more aggressive cold, and she felt too sick to get on a plane and travel all day, then be busy with graduation, then spend two days with my nieces and nephews. I can see how that would be completely overwhelming if you weren't feeling well. I also think that, while we are all sad that we won't see her, no one is more disappointed about the missed trip than my mom.

What her not coming means to my schedule, though, is that all of a sudden I have two extra hours in my afternoon. Is that not what I had been praying for? More time? And while at first I was just disappointed and frustrated at the last minute changes, I also have to acknowledge that I am watched over, and that my needs are known. And while this is not the answer to my prayers I was looking for, it is most certainly an answer.

3. I woke up in the worst mood this morning, and I have no explanation for it. You'd think a free half-day of work, plus knowing there is no work tomorrow, plus having friends over tonight would cheer me up. There is no reason for my grumps, and I wish they would go away.

4. Somebody is graduating! I could not be more in love. And I could not be more proud.

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