Friday, April 27, 2007

a tribute to the things that you have done

Thursday: Commencement
Somebody took this picture from his seat on the front row. Standing behind the podium is President (of the LDS Church) Hinckley. To the left of him is President (of BYU) Samuelson. To the left of him is Vice President (of the United States) Dick Cheney. Quite the powerhouse lineup. I was sitting in the stands behind the speakers, way, way, way up at the top, where they put the people who come in almost late, and where your chances of getting a nosebleed increase by 64%. Luckily, I was spared.

I had been worried about the response of the BYU community to Vice President Cheney, so I was relieved when he entered the building behind President Hinckley and President Samuelson and everyone in the building stood and clapped and cheered. It was almost overwhelming. I was on the verge of tears many times during the ceremony, both from the optimistic spirit in the building, and from pride in my own, good-looking graduate.

Friday: Convocation
Let it be stated that convocation for the McKay School of Education was one of the most boring meetings I’ve ever attending. And I’m Mormon, so I’ve attended my fair share of meetings. It was a good thing that Scrumptious Cupcakes was there, and that I had thought to put a stash of fruit snacks and chocolate covered macadamia nuts in my purse. You know, for the children. I was so glad that I had talked Somebody into leaving the ceremony as soon as he had crossed the stage (he was the ninth person across the stage) because there were almost 900 graduates behind him. We had time to go around campus with Scrumptious, who was graciously willing to take the pictures, and still had time to spare before the ceremony ended almost 90 minutes after we left. We only know that because we were waiting for the post-graduation reception. Because, you know, there were brownies there.

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