Sunday, April 08, 2007

in memory

The Easter Picnic of 2006 was a landmark event. It was the first family activity that I took my brand-spankin' new boyfriend to. I still remember that as we were unloading the car, my brother-in-law came up and whispered, "I understand that he is someone who might be a permanent part of our family." And it turns out that he was. Or is. So, in memory of that event, I'm posting the picture we took in 2006. Our first picture together. The one where we both felt very awkward and look like we would rather be bathing in the salt water than cementing our relationship.

And our semi-recreation at the Easter Picnic 2007.

And here we just admit to being, well, married now.

By the way, Somebody wanted to wear the same outfits this year that we wore last year, just to fully recreate the experience. Apparently he got outvoted.

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