Sunday, December 03, 2006

it's a nice story, but it is also sad and yucky

Somebody and I drove up to Rexburg this weekend for the wedding reception of one of my favorite cousins. Oh, wait, we drove up there for work purposes, and we did work all day on Friday, but we timed the trip so that we would be there for the reception. I’m not sure we would have took the time to go except that several of my aunts were there and Somebody has not met them all. When we arrived at the reception we learned that my aunts were all working in the kitchen of the church preparing the treat plates. We hadn’t planned on doing any actual work at this event, but because all the people we wanted to visit with were in the kitchen, that is where we ended up spending our time.

More fun than the reception, though, was the next morning when we joined all the aunts at my Aunt Julie’s home for breakfast crepes. There were a lot (and I mean a lot) of crepes left over from the reception, so my Aunt Elaine came up with the idea of put a piece of ham and a piece of cheese inside a crepe, heat it in the microwave, and top it with a fried egg. Divine. Then we spent the morning telling stories, laughing, and enjoying having nothing to do. I was once again thrilled to have married such an impressive man because all my aunts thought Somebody was wonderful. True. True.

On the way back from Rexburg we met my sister and her family at the Crystal Hot Springs and spent the evening running from the naturally hot pool (over 101 degrees) and the freezing pool that had water tube slides. In order to get to the slides you had to pry a mat from the frozen pile of mats, walk up 47 cement stairs that had a thin layer of ice on them, get into the chilled water at the top of the slide, then scream all the way down until you ended up in the cold water pool. Good times. So worth it. As the evening got later and the air got colder, the steam from the hot pool got thicker and thicker until we could see no more than 5 feet around us in any direction. This was great because even though there were other people there you couldn’t really see them or hear them (it was mostly adults) so it almost felt like we were enjoying the evening alone.

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