Friday, October 06, 2006

star tip 18

These are the cakes I decorated for the combined Kolby and Jasmyn birthday party, which is this afternoon.

The fish is for Kolby and the butterfly for Jasmyn. After the Worst-Cake-Decorating-Experience-Ever of the last birthday party, I was extra careful in my frosting choices and am confident that this trip won't end in tears.

Decorating these cakes was the first time that I tried out using my left hand to pipe stars. Usually my left hand just sits around wearing a gorgeous ring. He doesn't get involved in tedious things like writing, cutting, waving, teeth brushing, etc. But yesterday when my right hand had cramped into a twisted mess, it was time for the ol' left hand to put in his time. And he did a mighty fine job, I think. Somebody also wanted to try his hand at decorating, so the fish cake became a testing ground for both of us.

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