Friday, October 20, 2006

edible bubbles

I added a new treat to my already long list of "yummy, yummy, yummies." While in Chinatown, Melissa suggested a drink that she had tried and loved when she was in Taiwan. Somebody had tried it and didn't like it, but all it took for me to want to try it were the words mango and tapioca. Hello. I never met a tapioca I didn't like.

This one was new and different, both in good ways. The drink, much like a fruit smoothie, was thick fresh mango, and I seriously wished it lasted all day. The tapioca balls were a slightly different story.

At first I loved chewing them, but about halfway through my drink I was tired of them getting in the way of me having more mango, and I started spitting them out. Except when we were on the subway, because, hey, I don't spit on the subway.

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