Monday, August 20, 2007

photos of the summer

Looking back over the summer months, I have realized that, not only have I not posted much (what with the crazy, busy job, the packing and moving, the applying for jobs, the trying to spend as much time as possible with Utah family and friends, and the oppressive heat that made us strip down and lie in front of fans when we were home) this summer, but there is a shameful lack of photos (which is almost as bad as a shocking lack of lace, but not quite). Fear not. A picture story of our summer is now available.

These are the fun people who kept me sane at work this summer. Except for the one that I had to smack on the head several times to get to stop playing computer games. And the one that was engaged but couldn't stop flirting with all the boys and who is clearly not ready to get married. Whatever. You can't win them all, right?

The family that Somebody and I will miss most in Utah is this one:

Happily, we spent the July 4 with them and had a great time. Here we are at the Cherry Days Parade, also known as People Driving By In Trucks Throwing Candy. Except for that one float with the Little Miss Cherry Days Royalty, which my niece rode on. Oh yeah. Good looks and sparkling personality totally run in my family. The week before we left our friends had a little going away gathering. After much unnecessary drama, everything worked out well. We celebrated with, what else?, scrumptious cupcakes. We bid a tearful goodbye to friends who know us when. Man, we miss you guys.

A parting shot from Andersen Point.

And Amiga Tags was there to talk sense in to me. Yeah!
With Somebody's guidance, I was able to rid our lives of bag after bag of useless, broken, or otherwise crappy items. The entire summer, as we packed a few boxes each night, I would mentally prepare myself to chuck these two rabbits. Oh, the rabbits. So not part of Somebody's dream decor. And while I was able to purge the crusty t-shirts, the old journals and photos, and even the basket of guest washrags, in the end I was not able to part with the rabbits. I painted those rabbits! And have loved them all these years. And they remind me of my Aunt Julie. So for now, until the next move, the rabbits are sticking with us. Somebody is so disgusted with me.Part of our anniversary activities was a morning spent here. Quite possibly the best way to celebrate a marriage is to return and assist others. I was once again reminded of, not only the promises we made, and the blessings promised us in return, but also of how in love I am and how I would make all those same promises again.

Oh, Kansas. Look what you've done. I have no idea why Somebody finds this disgusting. He actually runs from the room in convulsions when I show him my shoulders. (This photo is so much more disturbing when you view it really large. May not be suitable for children, though.)

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